Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Carlile Round-up: Post #3

Yes, 2 of my siblings have already blogged on this very topic, but it was such a great event, it deserves every post it gets. Here are a few of the pics I think are priceless from The Carlile Round-up. Enjoy! (Sorry for the duplicates as seen on other posts)

Trevor just doing his thing - getting us to central Oregon. He drove all 11 hours on the way home. I was very busy and not able to contribute.

On the way there I appeased Trevor and let him take the "scenic" route. It was a lot prettier than ol' Burns, OR, but it was quite a bit more curvey. The speed at which we took these curves caused some sickness for me, the passenger, but I always sacrifice pain for efficiency and we WERE going to beat the time the GPS said we would get there.

A picture as seen on many other blogs. The beautiful "river" of Sunriver, OR.

Here's a great pic from Trevor. Just capturing Ma and Pa enjoy one of the many, many tennis matches that happened over the week. To quote what my wonderful mother said to Trevor, "I would rather watch Les and Mere play than the U.S. Open." She may be the only person on the face of the earth that would say that. That's why she's our mom!

Photos from the epic match.

Trevor has really caught the tennis bug. He was always trying to get someone on the court with him....and I think he enjoyed having someone to play with that hits a bit harder than I. But if you think these movements above didn't take a toll on Trevor, think again.

This was Trevor by about day 3.

Horseback riding was of course an event during this round-up. This is really my father's world. He did this type of thing growing up. This passion did not get passed down to me, but I did it anyways and by the end of the hour decided I could handle a trot next time.

Trevor, however, seemed right at home on Big Riggs (his horse). There was much time spent "horse whispering" for Trevor.

Much picture taking went on. The best pictures seemed to be those that were snapped prior to the actual picture. What a dream.

This one of Mere is my Downeast-rugged-outdoors-magazine-spread photo. She plays the part so well.

Then of course some random gems.


Meredith said...

great pics and commentary Les! I especially loved the pic before the family pic. It really captured everyone in their photo prep element.

Ashley and Mikkel said...

looks like you all had a swell time!! i'm sure trevor was good at the horse whispering thing! There was a calm tranquility (spelling??) about that photo of him with the horse!

Aaron said...
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Evan said...

you got some great photo's winns.

JasPam said...

I like way you laid out your pictures. Can you teach me how to do that? Don't mind the duplication of reunion pics, since all of you are such a good looking group, and since we have such talented photographers in the family!

Triz said...

Great post my wife!

Becky said...

how freaking fun. you have such a fun family!

the tennis pictures are great. and lesley, your arms look great! (can i say that? :) )

bajork12 said...

miss ya love.savybbb

Adrienne said...

Now that the girls are such devoted commentors, I think that will really take the pressure off of me. So every time you see a comment from one of them just think of it as a comment from me:)

Adrienne said...

On the other hand, we were just advised in General Conference to leave an uplifting comment on a blog. So I'm probably not really off the hook.

I think it was Elder Ballard's talk?

Brianne said...

That looks like a blast, its really beautiful there! Okay, I have to laugh because with your tennis pictures it reminded me of the time Jeff and I showed up at the indoor courts and played tennis in front of you two. Needless to say we had just started playing...I was so embarrassed:)