Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zie Busch Gardens

The crew. Notice I am very large, especially when standing next to Jenny. (For the record, you should always go to Busch Gardens during a weekday, never on a weekend. This was our weekday experience, I couldn't even get my camera out during the weekend experience.)

Needing out of his stroller.

Our major stop of the day, the splash pad area.

Cute little Dallas.

Riggs and Dallas doing their squatting thing.

Post splash pad fruit snacks with Cayden.

Dad supervising on the rides....and loving it.

Meeting Big Bird.

Lots of Flamingos in Florida.

Trevor took advantage of the no lines and jumped on a couple rides, one of them being Raging Rapids (He's a sucker for any rapids ride). See the glee.

It was a great day...we really need to go back before this big baby comes.


JasPam said...

Trevor looks so happy on those rides! Lucky you to have such a good husband and wonderful friend as Jenny! Loved the water action pics as well as your new black background!

Cade said...

You need to go on the Sheikra (when you're not pregnant of course) - I assume Triz has been on it.

Jenny said...

Oh how we love Busch Gardens! How fun!

Jenny said...

The "squatting" picture gets funnier and funnier everytime I look at it! Ha ha. We need to hit up busch again!