Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mom and Son Dates

It feels like Riggs and I have had a lot of alone time lately. Not sure if it's because as he gets older he clearly has an increasing need to go out and do more, or if it's because Trevor has seemed to be traveling quite a bit for work, or if it's simply because I'm getting more and more pregnant (6 weeks left to day, awoooohoooooo!) and thus, going and doing simple things is just a bit more of a task. Nonetheless, as tired as I may be, Riggs and I sure do have a lot of fun together. He is the second most handsome date I could ask for...and looks an awful lot like the first most handsome date I could ask for. of our usual outings is a visit to Lowry Park Zoo. Not the biggest zoo in the world, or the newest, but it has a lot of character and plenty to entertain Riggs. Here are a few of his main interests...

(Not pictured is the little splash pad area that is likely his very favorite part of the zoo. It was just too much to ask to keep an eye on him going crazy in the water and snapping photos.)

Any "fake" animals he can find.

Feeding the goats.

Pure joy for him.

Remember those good ol' days, when all you needed for happiness was to feed goats?

Of course, he's a natural train conductor.

We ride it in circles and circles and circles.

"This is not the time for pictures, Mom. I'm busy riding the train."

Lastly, as a true Floridian...he loves that nasty alligator pit. So much so, that he desires to climb in it...oh, Riggs.

My handsome little guy is such a great date.

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Abby said...

Looks like a lot of fun. The zoo sounds like the perfect place for Riggs.