Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Pharoah Re-claims Egypt this Halloween

The Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh at Trunk-or-Treat.

The Pharaoh and Dad post Trunk-or-Treat.

The "Riggs look" as the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh's belly.

The family at Trunk-or-Treat.

Trevor's "new profile pic."

Trevor's "new new profile pic."

A little better shot of Trevor's costume, pre-Halloween party.


Lisa Michelle said...

I totally want to join the "My wife is awesome & made my Halloween costume" group - Like, like! LOVE the costumes!!! great job, Les!

Whitney said...

Very impressed with the Facebook costume! Creative and well done!

Meredith W said...

You newly weds are always smooching. Awesome costumes!

Adrienne said...

Wish I could have seen "The Pharoah" in action. I'm sure he was loving that trunk or treat candy.

Also, I must say my tip for the Target Cleopatra costume turned out nicely. What good parents you are to join in on the dressing up fun.

JasPam said...

So happy the Pharoah was able to reclaim his territory! And glad he (and his queen) managed to sneak in a trip out west after doing so! Mr. Facebook did a good job of holding down the home land.

Abby said...

Love the costumes! I have to edmit Faro is the cutest!It also loooks like you had a blast trick or treating!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!