Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Oregon Trail is quite an adventure when you start in Florida...

But, Riggs and I made it. The travel day was about 12 hours, start to finish, but when you break it up into "8 legs" that you can mentally check off each time you finish one, it makes it a bit more bearable. Riggs was quite the trooper. He made many friends on the airplanes, in security, at the gates, but was definitely the happiest once his head hit the port-a-crib in Albany.

These two boys are just getting more fun by the day. Here they are rollin' like thugs in their pimpin' car seats. Riggs was always leaning forward keeping an eye on Gunner and his car seat. He also would start to cry anytime Gunner was upset. That was a real dream, although very cute:)

As you'll probably notice, it is not Riggs that is the photogenic one of the two buddies. Plus, ceiling fans often came into play which means he wouldn't even look at a camera.

You're so different to look at in the tub.

But man, I want to eat you.

We took a quick field trip to downtown Albany to see the carousel they are making. It was so awesome. We got to see the folks carving the animals, painting them, and the boys got to sit on a few, which they loved.

Stan and Roz made it down for dinner and some tennis one night. Although I held my own in doubles I attempted to play Isaac and Evan in 3 games of singles. Needless to say I was 0 - 6 when that was all done.

It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back!


Whitney said...

Looks like a dream trip. Want to do it again next week now that Jaycee and I will be there???

Mere said...

Those boys are so studly. I can't wait to see them with Sawyer and Jaycee as well. Tell me every time you plan on coming to Oregon because I will be there too!

Lindsay & Josh said...

Les, you better watch out with that heartbreaker of yours. He gets cuter by the day...for real. I hope you guys are doing well. Let us know when you're going to make your way up to MN! We're here all summer!

JasPam said...

We loved having you here! Thank heavens for Skype, so that in the interim, we can see our grandchildren and their growth and new skills. Yesterday was awesome when I got to be the first to have Riggs wave to me on Skype. Twas almost as good as being here in person, but not quite!

JSC said...

I have ever mentioned I love to see men, including young men, in a white shirt and tie?


The Smith Family said...

My Mama was raving that she got to see you all at the Hasty hole! :) I love that Riggs has little baby farmers tan... youre livin' with some sunshine now. Miss you guys!