Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

We've now used 3 of our 4 Disney Dream Pass tickets....the 4th will be used very shortly. After Magic Kingdom we decided to hit up Animal Kingdom, and then Hollywood Studies. Some friends in our ward came with us because they're season pass holders and that turned out to be the best thing that could happen to us - we got to wander through these parks totally mindlessly because they were able to tell us where to go when. It was a dream.

I just thought Animal Kingdom was suppose to be a big zoo, but it was a big zoo AND amusement park. The Mount Everest ride they have is the best ride that DW has to offer. Garrick, our DW Boss, informed us of the single rider line so we got to cruise through the line twice while Annie was so awesome to stay with all the kiddos (thanks Annie!). The Safari expedition is quite the deal as well as just the trails you can walk through with pretty scenery to see a ton of animals. The weather was great that day, the park has a great vibe and we had a blast.

Garrick, our boss, in action. Eli, his son, found a new friend.

The tree of life is really awesome. Very intricate.

A brief photo shoot of Riggs while waiting for the Safari, which was awesome.

This gorilla was seriously staring everyone down.

A couple of friends we met along the way.

Riggs was really into the idea of the Bug's Life 3D flick, but turned out he wanted to leave early from it:)

So here we are at Hollywood Studios. It was a pretty hot day, so we didn't spend quite as long there, but it was still enjoyable. My highlights were the Tower of Terror ride and the Car Stunt Show. Oh, and when the 3 G&A kids piled in their stroller - you do what you gotta do. Oh, and who doesn't love Riggs in a tank top??? Awesome.

My men are so handsome.

(Don't miss Liam in the bottom carrier)


Lu and Bran Muffin said...

that is AWESOME, desperate time call for desperate measures.

Mere said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Riggs tank top is awesome. And Trevor looks so skinny!

Showtime said...

Ha! The last image = AMAZING. That kid is obviously quite awesome.

Evan said...

I knew Trevor would wear that purple shirt.

Jenny said...

I found ya'll in the blog world! Ha ha. You are an amazing photographer Lesley. :) And Trevor...whoever took the pictures! ha ha.

Natalie said...

We miss you guys! We were thinking of having some friends over for dinner today and it's just not the same to not be able to call the Winn's for an afternoon get together! Hope all is well in sunny Florida!

The Smith Family said...

Mr Riggs hair is getting so blond. Must be that Florida sunshine!

Adrienne said...

You must of had F-U-N!!!!!!!
super silly Savy