Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Florida State Fair, Fried Food, and Fanimals

One of our first weekends in FL, we decided to stop by the state fair...even though it was very cold...for Florida. Our trip was mainly focused on fried food and fanimals, with no complaints from me.

We got to put Riggs in his sweet winter -jumpsuit. Here he is before we enter (left) and about 3 hours into it, asleep (right).

The scrumptious fair food. We only had a huge corn dog, the friend oreos and a sandwich with french fries on it, but from what we saw the fried Pepsi and fried butter, as well as the krispy kream burgers were the big hits. (And catch that look in Trevor's eyes....)

Lastly, here was Riggs' first run in with the fair animals.


Melissa said...

Holy cow- Does the guy in that last picture have an alligator under his chin?? I didn't know Florida was so exciting! Looks like you guys are having fun!

JasPam said...

Giraffes are now considered fair fanimals? News to me. Growing up in the Spud State, I don't remember seeing any giraffes or longhorns at the Easter Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot. Looking forward to a new experience attending a FLA Fair sometime! Were there any falliagators at the FLA Fair?

The Smith Family said...

In that last picture, is that man being eaten?? I love love love all the fair food. That's the main reason I attend! :)