Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Biggest Loser - Couples Style

It was a combination of 2 things - 1) getting fat and 2) becoming addicted to the show Biggest Loser - that led us to this place...the place of needing to become contestants on our own version of The Biggest Loser - Couples Style. Yes, that's correct, Trevor and I were able to sucker two other couples in our family to complete in this event. Evan and Whitney and Meredith and Brandon wanted to join the competition, but we decided there had to be a combined total weight of at least 200 pounds - sorry guys, maybe next year...hopefully not though, for your sake.

Event duration: January 6th - March 31st.

Goal: Lose the combined highest percentage of body weight.

Prize: $50 from the two losing couples.

Trevor and I need a little something to get us in gear because of the slight post-marriage influx our weight has gone through (20 5 months for the hubby). We do always say go big or go home in this family, but when it starts to impact your health it's time to come up with a new motto.

We have a blog that is tracking everyone's progress - sorry readers, for invitees only. It highlights weekly weight loss, "before photos," and self-given nicknames.

For those that are dying for a sneak peak - here are a few items found on the blog...

Nicknames (self-given):
Trevor - Porkchops
Lesley "I never was lean" Winn
Brad "It's not flubber, it's blubber" Winn
Mandy "Ba-donk-a-donk butt" Winn

Starting weights:
Steve weighs 75 lbs. more than his wife.
Trevor weights 100 lbs. more than his wife.
Brad weighs 3 times his wife's weight.

Now, Trevor and I are just trying to stick in our own competition. Rumor has it Steve is refusing all deserts and Brad wakes up at 4:30 am to exercise everyday. This could be a tight race. I'm just happy to share an emotional bond with the real life Biggest Loser contestants, so now when I cry every week while watching it I'll feel like it is justified, unlike the previous 10 plus weeks that I shed tears during the episodes. It just makes me so happy, tears of joy.

Please vote on who you think will take this years Winn/Bjorkman/Winn Biggest Loser...and wish us all luck!


Ev & Whit said...

First of Clarification. I alone way 195 lbs so with Whit thats about 300 representing for the C-lile's. Great post though. I think I will be calling the contestants every 2-3 weeks for a "progress report." Unless Trev is playing a lot of ball, I've got a split decision between the Brad's and Steve's. I mean, no dessert and 4:30am, plus neither of them have sit down at office jobs like Triz. Good luck, and may the best loser win! -Ev (Great post!) I anxiously await before and after photos.

Ev & Whit said...

ps- I loved the photo selection of you two. Classic, at Big Jud's with the 2 pounder I believe. Truly the perfect picture for this highly anticipated event!

Jonathan Wilson said...

We've been waiting for a post, and you did not let us down. This was a great post, and we too will be anxiously awaiting updates/results.

Meredith & Brandon said...

alleuia! it is about time Winn family. I have checked your blog daily for this past week, looking for a new post but nothing! I was tempted to send mean texts but decided I'd let you two come around on your own time.
but loved the post. Very clever and witty as usual.

p.s. I saw Max Hall and his wife at the men's basketball game on Saturday... not cute at all. Which shouldn't be surprising since he looks like an ant eater.

The Winns said...

Clarification...there will be NO before pictures posted on this blog. Sorry folks! And by the way Brad is a machine, he even got up at 4:30 Saturday morning to work out and stayed up well past midnight painting at our new house. As for me... well, I've given up soda!

Adrienne said...

Steve's tentative nick name is
Steve "Bye Bye Buffet" Bjorkman

We're still working on mine..

Lisa Michelle said...

good luck - way the best wo/man win!!

The Smith Family said...

You guys are great! Love the idea. Love the show too. My tears need to be justified also. 15 lbs post nursing... yikes! Although I saw 2 of the competing couples at Christmas and thought you looked great! Way to go Brad! 4:30, dont think I could do it! Looks like some stiff competition. Best of luck! Keep us posted!

Lauren said...

Les, I wish you and Trevor all the best in your competition.... how will this be compared to the pre wedding "fat camp?"

We really wish we could have seen you guys at Christmas! When are you coming on a business trip to NC?

bostonroms said...

I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet! This is hilarious. Matt and I love it. Can we join? Except that being preggers, I am constantly GAINING weight instead of losing it. Sigh. Maybe after Peanut comes. Want to do a Biggest Loser Stage 2 with us starting in... say... May? :)

saltbox girl said...

I'll join the "so-happy-you-finally-posted!" club. Tears of joy, Les. Tears of joy. I am also quite impressed with this undertaking. You better know who I think will take the cake in this, so to speak. And by that, I mean NOT take the cake, of course. In fact, I'll leave cake out of this altogether and just say I think you're in for a Winn-Win!

Tom & Rachel said...

I'm so happy you have your priorities straight when there is chocolate involved. Good luck...on both contests!

Marcus and Jenny said...

So, I think this is pretty dang awesome because Marcus and I are pretty obsessed with the show. I can't get enough -- though I must admit, with a new baby, I'm finding more pleasure in eating my Girl Scout Samoa icecream than trying to get in shape. I'll be lovingly thinking of you with each bite though, knowing I should be improving myself -- becoming more like you. I only know you guys and the Bjorkman's of course, and I htink you have some tough competition there with Steve and the whole air force discipline (it's air force right?)...but I think you can take them all!

Ev & Whit said...

I know I should have posted this comment on the post below but I am not sure if you check old posts comments. Anyway, I developed my first photograph today. It was magical... literally. I will wait until we get to digital photography before I post any real pics (I don't want a scanned version to be an excuse for poor pictures :) ). Later!

Tom & Rachel said...

Lesley, I am very pleased and saddened (because of your BL contest) to inform you that you won a consolation prize in the big Reese's give-away. Email your address to me at Congratulations...or not congratulations however you want to look at it. :)

DerrikandBridget said...

bridget and I have decided to do our own biggest loser for a day or two just because we want to feel justified when we get on your blog to check up on you guys and shed tears of joy

Ev & Whit said...

Ready for a post on trev's intramural team with brandon. -Ev