Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wannabe Photographers

Inspired by Meredith's post and pretty bored with Lesley out of town for work, I thought I'd get my blog on and share some photos Les and I have taken over the last while. Someday we'll take a class and attempt to get up to the level of Marci Romney. These will have to do for now. They are in reverse chronological order with the exception of the last pic.

Snow pictures at a park in Draper

Seals at Pier 39 in San Francisco

Dallas Ohler skiing at Bear Lake

Sunrise and Sunset in Caribbean

Classic Ute fan we found golfing - Friend of David & Theresa's?
(my favorite thing is his mullet....Lesley prefers the thug-style Air Jordans he's wearing. I wish the pictures showed the cigarettes he smoked at each tee box)

Shots Lesley took while on a work trip in Puerto Rico

My beautiful wife
(Come home Les.....I miss you!)


Lesley said...

Ahhh...my sweet husbund:) I miss you too!

Lisa Michelle said...

Nice pics, Trevor. I have to say I wondered for a second how on earth seals got into the park at Draper...!

Lisa Michelle said...

ps - love that last one of Les!

Adrienne said...

Can I be your apprentice? Very impressive...not a weak photographer link in your family.

BYW, I just caught that Trevor posted the blog about Mere's game. Impressive..you're on a roll...keep them coming.

Adrienne said...

You're a foo dog photographer.


Adrienne said...

That looks like good things of pictures you've got there.


Lisa Michelle said...

Lesley, yes we DO need to have a cousin gathering soon!! Dunno about you, but we're swamped this month - how bout a great cousin party in the new year?!?

bostonroms said...

AWESOME pics Trev. Must say that both Matt and I are impressed. You two have "the EYE" if you know what I mean. Good use of lines, composition, blah blah blah.

And - love that last pic of Les.

bostonroms said...

I have to tell you that the first time I looked at this post and read "Shots Lesley took on her recent trip..." and then saw the pic of the mixed drink, I thought you meant LITERALLY "SHOTS Lesley took..." ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

David&Teresa said...

Great pics!! I didn't recognize the Ute golfer with his shades on, but it was obvious to the casual observer that he was a great golfer... the mullet - keeps the sun off your neck on the back nine, the cigarette - you need something to mark your ball right? You didn't mention the beer that must have been there somewhere... and Trevor, who doesn't want a six pack really?

The Smith Family said...

Well, arent you two the cutest! Hope to see you at Christmas time! Crystal

bajork12 said...

I have to be the bearer of bad news, but you just hit the month-between-new-posts mark.

I'm sure you're working on some fabulous movie or something to unveil....so let' see it!