Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Very Welcomed Visitors

We had the pleasure of getting almost a full week's visit from Aunt Adge and her side-kick Mr. Sawyer. They were a real treat (especially since Adge so kindly got up with BOTH boys each morning!!). Riggs really enjoyed having a little buddy around and I really enjoyed having my sister around! Just a few pics from their stay...

Our visitors, poolside.

Pretty much all Riggs does in the pool, "Ahhhhh, jump."

The cute boys - one whose mother cares about his skin and one whose mother cares less about his skin.

A sweaty day at the zoo. No trip to FL is complete without a manatee spotting.

Or a flamingo spotting.

Or a free train ride. Riggs just cracks me up in this pic and so does serious Sawyer.

It's tough when you're this cool.

Cousins meeting for the first time. Meredith thinking, "what's with little boys and hovering?":)

Lastly, we were lucky enough to get introduced to "the pushup." That's a real treat!


JasPam said...

Is Sawyer going to be like Steve and be the human push-up machine? Enjoyed your pics lots!

Jane said...

Fun pictures! Your daughter is super cute!

Adrienne said...

At this very moment I wish I was back with the Winns in Florida. Thanks for a dream of a visit.