Sunday, June 7, 2009

Broadway, Blackjack, and Booze

Well, we at least partook of one of the three items above and the Blackjack was great I tell you. Kidding, I'm pregnant, so no gambling. Wait, no, that's the drinking thing. Nonetheless, the Broadway show we saw was spectacular as well as the relaxing week we had in Las Vegas for our "last-get-away-before-the-little-guy-comes" vacation. (A shout out to Grandma Illa for letting us use her time share and talking us out of going to Mexico - Thanks Illa!).

To start, I must note that I was 7 months pregnant for this vacation, so Trevor did a great job of adjusting to all that I realized I couldn't do - rollercoasters, loads of walking...or really little bits of walking considering the heat that week, and just being in the heat without a pool near by in general. For those (family) asking to see my big belly, here are a few shots we captures from Vegas week (yes, that's a SYTYCD reference).

Without further adeu...some highlights of our week.

A trip to Hoover Dam (Trevor really pushed this, but I ended up being really glad we went)

We saw a handful of shows...The Lion King, "O," and the Tournament of Kings.

Spent a tiny bit of time on the strip...mainly when we were walking to our shows.

Here's what I might call the "low light" of our trip - Red Rock Canyon. Trevor says, "Do NOT go to Red Rock Canyon." Basically, if you've ever hiked anywhere else in the world, it's cooler than this place, sorry Red Rock (as pictured below, Trevor is using the binaculars to look at me about 3 feet away from him instead of the majectic view).

Lastly, a few highlights....besides the excellent shows, lots of pool time, and way too much food...we found Trevor shoes for 20 bucks at the outlets (see his victory photo below) and then discovered a little place called "Paradise Golf Resort." This dream of a 9-hole course is in Fillmore, UT. Only discovered because the 9th hole is behind a gas station we filled up at.

Here are two great photos of Trevor and I both trying to deal with our belly's while golfing (to Trevor's credit, his button has broken off his shorts - that's why he was showing mid-drift on all 9 holes).


The Winns said...

What's that stuff all over Trevor's face? :) Seriously though I thought he had to shave after "the cave" trip? Looks like you guys were live'n' it up in Vegas.

Evan said...

wow. huge, thats all i can say.

Hillary said...

Wow, I can't believe you are 7 months along now. Not too much longer to go. I'm glad you included a belly shot. You look so cute, and it will be fun to look back at those and see how big your tummy was. I bet you can't imagine it getting any bigger, but it does - sorry to break the news. Glad you had a fun trip!

eliza said...

you look beautiful, lesley! Looks like you had a great time on your vacay before the baby. enjoy it and I'm sure everyone tells you, but get lots of sleep, which i'm sure is also a challenge with being pregnant. We'll definitely have to get together when we're back in utah in the fall!

Suzanne said...

Love the pics and updates. It looked like you had fabulous the belly..I finally saw some updated pics of you. Vegas always reminds me of you girls from college--good times all around. Msis you-Suz

Leslie said...

Oh I love Las Vegas! Lion King is amazing.. along with O. We went to the Hoover Dam once... Joes dad insisted that we take the detour and we're glad we did. We had a good time. As for couponing - I'm happy to teach you all I know (which is not much!)Just let me know when!

bostonroms said...

okay... I have to say that you look like you just have stuffed a basketball in your shirt. HONESTLY. let's get together to sew soon. :)

The Smith Family said...

Lesley, you are the cutest prego lady ever! That little basketball belly is adorable! Trevor, you're cute too. ;)