Saturday, January 3, 2009

We went to Oregon...and look what we found...

More snow than I've ever seen in Oregon before. Brad and Mandy's neighborhood reminded me of the snow levels in Donkey Kong Country - snow covered trees, roads, trash cans, cars. It was really beautiful, but a major, major pain. The snow added about 10 hours to our already 26 hour round-trip. The snow encouraged our car slide down a steep road...without anyone in it. The snow made us dislodge a stop sign in order to avoid a make-over on the right side of our car. It was a real dream. But, other than that, the snow brought a good time.


Evan said...

With all the sleding that went on this christmas across the family, I think we should start thinking about a family bobsled team for 2010 Vancouver winter olympics.

Burks said...

I am part of the blogging world. Here's my address:
And congrats on the baby on board!
Kelly (coverstone) Burks