Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is It Football Season Yet?

With the NBA Finals boring me, I've already turned my attention to football season. I can't wait. This video is also posted on my Cougar Crazies blog. Hopefully things on that blog will start picking up as the seasons inches closer. This video reminded me just a little bit how great it is to be a Cougar. And if you need more reason to honor your heritage, check out the video on the left.


Adam said...

The summer months are a dangerous time for me. I get through all right as long as I don't allow myself the pleasure of thinking about football season. The minute I do, it's over. I'm a dead man.

Every year I try to see how long I can go without thinking seriously about the upcoming season. This year I lasted until June 6. I've been a wreck ever since.

I'm like a hippie burn-out trying to quit doing drugs. I'm going along great, everything looks good, and then in a moment of weakness I let myself have a drag and my whole life goes down the crapper.

Anyway, Aug. 30 can't come quickly enough.

Sorry for the long post.

Rock said...

What about:

"Utah, where getting stopped at the one yard line by your quarterback happens."

Rock said...

Using the picture of D. Mack running into B. Johnson at the UNLV game, of course.