Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trevor & Lesley's Travel Tips: SoCal

It's been quite a while since the last installment of our Travel Tips segment, but we're back in action. Lesley had a work trip back in March so being the devoted husband I am, I tagged along as we headed to the land of celebrities, sun, and silicone. That's right..........Southern California. We had a great time visiting Jason & Megan, Brett, Darla, and the Moorheads and enjoyed a weekend away from the snow. We learned a few things along the way and are passing our tips along to you, our faithful, loving readers...... If you have any tips of your own, pass them along in the comments section.

#1. Get free stuff by calling your friends/family
You can get free stuff, or discounted stuff, in southern California with a little bit of planning. Many times there are promotions for southern California residents where you can get half price into Magic Mountain, discounts with a pop can at other parks, or other deals. You just need to plan ahead. Call your friend or relative in SoCal before you go and ask them if they know of anything. The hip people in LA-LA-land always seem to have some hook up. On our trip we scored free admission to Universal Studios, free tickets to a Clippers game, and could have gone to Dancing With the Stars if Lesley's work schedule had allowed (I was heartbroken). Just plan ahead and see if anyone knows of might be surprised. And thanks to all those who hooked us up.

#2.'s Name Your Price
This is a real dream. I discovered this on our honeymoon and we used it again in SoCal. Basically, at you can say how much you want to pay for a rental car. You can't pick the rental company, or the make and model of the car, but you do specify what size car you'd like (compact, mid-size, SUV, convertible, luxury, mini-van, etc.). You just make your bid and see if one of the companies accepts it. Don't be afraid to bid a steeper discount than the site suggests. We paid $14 a day for a car that normally rents for over $30 and got a Mustang convertible for a similar discount on our honeymoon. I felt kind of like a tool driving this little sports car around the souther California freeways, but still, a deal's a deal. I recommend using this whenever you need to rent a car.

#3. Knott's Berry Farm
This place is by far the most underrated amusement park in souther California, and consequently, it's the best bang for your buck. They have great rides, good funnel cake, and the lines are SHORT. We didn't wait longer than 10 minutes for any single ride. If you go after 4 p.m. it's only $25 to get in. That's half the normal cost and half the cost of the other parks. We got their around 4:30, did all the rides at least once, watched some Indian firedance thing, and still left around 8:30. If you've never been to Disneyland before, you gotta go there. But if you've already been and want a good amusement park without the long lines and steep prices, Knott's is your place. Here's a video of Lesley enjoying life on the Supreme Scream.

Well that's pretty much it for our suggestions this time around. We welcome any comments with other helpful tips. We hope you've enjoyed them and will find them useful next time you head down to the City of Angels.

Below are a few more photos of our time in LA-LA-land.

Universal Studios

Knott's Berry Farm

Clippers Game ................................................. Jason, Megan, Les, Me

We had to sit behind the nappy hair or Curtis Terry, from UNLV. I saw him out in the concourse before the game started and almost said something rude to him but decided against it. He ended up sitting right in front of us. I should have punched him in the head. Freaking UNLV.


Whitney said...

How fun! I love the video! I did a whole report in 5th grade about Knotts Berry Farm. Looks like you guys had a blast!

Evan said...

Great post trev. You guys sure would be fun to party/travel with. If you want to fly us out this summer we are down. Or you can start planning something fun for the first week of september. We may be available then, maybe. I first must receive corporate approval as Brad would say.

Rock said...

You used to be able to get into Lagoon for 1/2 price if you bought a 12-pack of Coke. But that was back when Coke really had cocaine in it.

Adam said...

Can you go to Boston and come back and give me some tips? Like... before this weekend?

Justin said...

You should have punch him.

Meredith & Brandon said...

Nicely done. Although I'm a Californian, I fear I may not have the "high roller connections" the two of you have. I totally agree with the Knotsberry Farm idea and will consider it in my next journey to sunny Cali. Great work on the car as well. You should do this professionally.

The Winns said...

You guys do know how to travel. I agree with Evan you would be fun to travel with. We should all take a trip (no kids of course)! BTW, Evan what's with the "corporate approval"? At least Brad knows whose boss! :)

Mikkel & Ashley said...

I would love to see some pics and travel tips from your latest adventure to st. george. maybe some pics of you guys hiking, golfing, swiming. it would be fun to compare your skin tones from day to day! you guys seriously came back with some color!! any who, just a suggestion.

Greg & Deb said...

I had no idea you were down here...we would have loved to see you. Call us next time... I'm sure we could help get you a good deal somewhere.

Evan said...

I just noticed the video clip, and loved it. Nice slide Trev looks like I am not the only one that is ready for softball season.

Adrienne said...

I must have missed the video the first time around. I'll have to show that to the girls...they will love it.

Getting excited to see you guys soon!

JasPam said...

I loved the tips on travel in Southern California. When are the ones coming for Southern Utah? I'd like to see some of your photos from that trip as well!
Love, Mom

Adrienne said...


Are you a scared goose? We wouldn't be scared on that ride.

-Da foo dogs

Adrienne said...


Are you a scared goose? We wouldn't be scared on that ride.

-Da foo dogs