Sunday, November 18, 2007

Highlights and Lowlights for our trip to Rexburg

Let's see...over the last weekend in October Trevor and I headed up to the dream of a city, Rexburg, ID. We spent three short days with Ev and Whit speaking lots of germanglish, watching football, scootering, and laughing - both real and fake.

A tradition was started in our family...I'm not sure after which event, but nonetheless it has continued is a little something called "highlights and lowlights." What happens is after each family gathering, whether it be a wedding, holiday weekend, or other major gathering, we sit around in a big circle and discuss the highlights of the event as well as the lowlights. Aunt Mary is usually the "recorder" for these sessions, but since she wasn't with us on this trip, we will take a stab.


1. Trevor couldn't finish his Big Judd's burger. As a man who ate 27 tacos (Del Taco tacos) in one sitting, he is still embarrassed.

2. Me "accidentally" cheating to ruin our game of kerschnippets. (Trevor just made me put the quotation marks, but for the record, it really was an accident!)

3. The waitress at the Mexican restaurant. Ugh.


1. My book. I think it was called "Hour Game." Ev, Whit, and Trevor all got very naysched at me a lot. I just couldn't stop reading. Work is work.

2. The new Carlile family mo-ped. This highlight includes riding it up to the Rexburg temple and having races on it against some random neighbor boy.
3. Rexburg Live/fake laughing at Rexburg Live. This was a "Tonight Show" type production that was pulled-off very well. Trevor actually boo'd the Mario Brothers World Champion guest they had on for saying that he listend to classical music while he played (Trevor was joking of course mom, he loves classical music). Anyways, the hosts referred back to the "booing of classical music" many times during the show - made Trevor proud.
4. Watching/listening to the conversation between Evan, Trevor, and Steve Hales. Brothers got to love...and hug.
5. Of course the fake laughing contest. See post below.

6. Ev's boots with jeans tucked in number. He pulls it off nicely.
7. Big Judd corn dogs. Yum.
8. Trevor's little modeling session on the moped. It looks a little too natural....nervous.
9. Last but the very best, spending time with our beloved bruter and schwester. You guys should surprise us at Thanksgiving.


Ev & Whit said...

Whit informs me on our "surprise" trip over TG, one item that needs to be taken care of is a photo shoot for our Christmas cards that Whit has been working on lately. Great post. Another HIGHLIGHT for me was playing ball with Triz, running the court.

saltbox girl said...

The fake laughing contest...a true Youtube must-see! I love your ponytail shake, Les. It truly tops-off your laugh. And Trevor, your shoulder shrugs: classic. Adds SO much. You guys have way too much fun. I would loved to have seen what happened to bring on the contest in the first place! Miss you nayche-ners!

The Smith Family said...

I think Trevor has a new profession!